Proceedings against doctor for ban on headscarves

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The Kassenärtzliche Vereinigung opened proceedings against a Hessian doctor who established a "headscarf ban" based on "rules of the game" in his practice. The State Medical Association also wants to deal with the case.

A doctor from Wächtersbach in Hesse hung a sign in his doctor's practice at the beginning of September, on which girls and women of Muslim origin were prohibited from wearing a headscarf in the practice. Furthermore, patients should have "basic knowledge of the German language". The doctor also did not want to treat “Islamic families with many children and more than 5 biological children” and practically denied them access to the practice with the “rules of the game”. Now the doctor, who has now taken off the sign again, has to answer to the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians. In an oral interview, the doctor should explain his actions. Under certain circumstances, the doctor threatens to withdraw his license.

The doctor had caused a stir nationwide with his action. After numerous protests and reports in the press, the doctor saw himself misunderstood and removed the "rules of the game" he had written himself. But the headscarf ban may now have serious consequences for the doctor. The Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians has now decided to initiate disciplinary proceedings against the doctor. Now the doctor has to explain himself in an oral hearing before a committee. The decision was made by a responsible committee in Frankfurt, as a KV spokeswoman said. But that's not all, the State Medical Association also wants to examine the case. The local Turkish association also saw the trade as discrimination against Muslim patients. However, one is more likely to rely on dialogue.

During the interview, the physician must answer questions about his actions to the body of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians. If the negotiation turns out to be negative for the doctor, he could face serious sanctions up to and including the withdrawal of the KV license. If this occurs, the doctor is no longer allowed to treat patients who are insured in the statutory health insurance. If the panel decides against discontinuing the proceedings, a simple warning or a fine could follow. It is not yet clear when the negotiation will actually take place.

In the meantime the doctor has apologized for his actions. "I have sold out my tone," he summed up in September. Shortly after the reports in the press, the doctor had taken down his sign with the rules of the game and wanted to work on a new version, which he had previously agreed with the Turkish-Islamic cultural association. The doctor said he had put up the sign because there had been difficulties in treating Muslim patients in the past. It is unlikely that the doctor has hung up a new sign in the meantime due to the scheduled procedure.

The poster was labeled “Rules of the game”, but words like “strict ban on headscarves” or “Islamic families with many children with more than 5 biological children” were not dealt with in the medical practice.
The Kässenärtzliche Vereinigung did not want to justify why exactly the disciplinary proceedings were initiated. However, it had already been announced in September that these "rules of the game" that were hung up presumably violate the medical Hippocratic oath, "which is so unacceptable," as it was said at the time. Now one speaks of an "internal process". The committee of inquiry consists of two doctors and a chairman who is qualified to hold judicial office. The doctor can bring a lawyer with him to the hearing. (sb, October 16, 2010)

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