Mouth-to-mouth ventilation for cardiac arrhythmias?

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In the case of cardiac arrhythmias, mouth-to-mouth ventilation is out of date.
Doctors at the Ulm University Clinic used the current heart weeks of the German Heart Foundation as an occasion to provide information about cardiac arrhythmias in a patient seminar. Every year, more than 150,000 people across Germany die as a result of malignant arrhythmias.

Patient seminar on cardiac arrhythmias The symptoms of cardiac arrhythmias, the symptoms, the causes and the dangers of the disease are to be discussed in more detail with the patients in the seminar "From the beat: cardiac arrhythmias" on Saturday, October 16 in Ulm University Hospital. "Medical expertise but should not be in the foreground. We want to respond to the demands of our patients, "emphasized Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Rottbauer, medical director of the Ulm University Clinic for Internal Medicine II." Can heart palpitations be cured? Can atrial fibrillation be treated with medication? "Are also questions the experts ask The experts also want to give those affected some practical tips to help them deal with the disease.

Cardiac massage instead of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation Cardiac arrest, which occurs occasionally with arrhythmias, requires immediate rescue measures. To this day, most people are of the opinion that "mouth-to-mouth ventilation (...) is absolutely necessary", explained Dr. Wolfgang Bauer. This cost the helpers a great deal of effort and also no longer corresponds to the current medical standard State of knowledge, because "it is much more important to press the chest in the first ten minutes after a cardiac arrest", explained Dr. Rottbauer and this 90 to 100 times a minute. In addition, an emergency call to 112 is of course required in any case.

Seminar should show treatment options
In the opinion of the experts, however, it does not actually have to go as far as diseases such as rapid heartbeat or atrial fibrillation are easy to treat today thanks to the latest therapeutic methods. The patient seminar will also address these treatment options in more detail. From the pacemaker to the classic defibrillator to the defibrillator vest, which the patient wears like a piece of clothing, all technical options for treatment should also be demonstrated, explained Dr. Rottbauer the intention of the seminar. The expert also emphasized that surgery is often no longer necessary today. With the seminar, the specialists want to use systematic information to remedy the knowledge gaps in the population, and to make it clear to patients that most complications with cardiac arrhythmias can be avoided by suitable forms of therapy, emphasized Dr. Rottbauer. For example, atrial fibrillation, which is one of the most common forms of cardiac arrhythmia in Germany with around 800,000 people affected and can be the cause of strokes, can be treated well with medication today, explained Dr. Rottbauer.

Young people also suffer from cardiac arrhythmias. Relatively young people often also suffer from sudden heartbeat and an irregular heartbeat, according to Dr. However, they can be helped with the latest medical technology, such as a cardiac catheter or preventively with a pacemaker or implanted defibrillators, which end the impending cardiac arrest by electrical impulses, the expert explained. For example, cardiology today has effective treatment options for almost all cardiac arrhythmias, emphasized Dr. Rottbauer and it was urgently time to take away people's fear of cardiac arrhythmias. (15.10.2010, fp)

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