Josh Bazell: Faster than Death

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Recommended reading: Josh Bazell, "Faster than Death".

A former mafia killer came into medicine through a dropout program and is now working as a doctor in New York in a hospital. There he gives free rein to his sarcasm until a member from mafia circles is brought in who recognizes him. Now events are overturning.

It can be seen in every line that the author of the book, the American Josh Bazell, studied literature and medicine and worked in a hospital himself. Bazell describes the daily routine in the clinic in a dry and cynical way and leaves his main protagonist Dr. Peter Brown, who was formerly called Pietro “Bärentatze” Brnwa, acts promptly and uncompromisingly verbally and physically, without appearing almighty or constructed. In addition, Bazell sprinkles medical facts from anatomy, physiology and current medical science easily and clearly. In this way, a medical layperson can learn what a stroke or fibula is or information on how to deal with a heart attack.

In addition to the current storyline, 300 pages of Pietro's life story and his career in the mafia are told in an exciting way. A book that is equally suitable for thriller enthusiasts, fans of black humor á la "They eat dogs in China" and doctors who once don’t want to have specialist literature or reference books on their bedside tables. The audio book is also read by Christoph Maria Herbst ("Stromberg"). (tf, 10/12/2010)

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