Decrease in infant mortality

Decline in infant mortality in Saxony.

In the federal state of Saxony, there has been a slight decrease in infant deaths, as reported by the State Statistical Office. A total of 84 infants died. The rate fell statistically in the state from 2.6 to 2.5 for every 1,000 births.

According to the State Statistical Office of Saxony, infant mortality fell slightly last year. In 2009, a total of 84 infants died, six fewer than in 2008, as the state office announced on Monday. There were 2.5 deaths for every 1,000 newborns. A year earlier, the rate was slightly higher at 2.6. Around half (41) of the newborn infants who died after birth were born with a birth weight of less than 2500 grams. 22 children weighed less than 1000 grams. 4 infants who died weighed over 4,000 grams.

More boys than girls are affected
Among the 84 deaths were 55 boys and 29 girls who died in the first year after birth. 24 newborns died within the first 24 hours. That is 29 percent of all deaths.

Most common causes of death in newborns
Most often, the infants (37 cases) died due to “certain conditions” that had their origin in the perinatal period. The perinatal period is the period between the 24th week of pregnancy and the seventh day after delivery. Certain conditions that have their origin in the perinatal period are for example: birth trauma, diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular system, infections that occurred during pregnancy and disorders related to the duration of pregnancy and fetal growth. 11 children died of sudden infant death syndrome in Saxony last year. Since the 1980s, the infant death rate has fallen by around 50 to 60 percent nationwide. (sb, 10/11/2010)

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