Married people pay more attention to prevention

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Married people go to preventive check-ups more often and more regularly. This was the result of a survey of around 2000 people.

A marital partnership can promote health and thus reduce the risk of death: According to a survey, significantly more married people take part in preventive medical examinations than single people in comparison. This was the result of a survey commissioned by the “Apotheken Umschau”.

According to a GfK survey, married people pay more attention to their health than single people. For example, only 16 percent of singles go to “Check up 35”, while around 50 percent of married couples take part in the pension offer. There are also clear differences in cancer screening. Only 14 percent of singles said they would be screened for colon cancer, but 40 percent of the spouses take advantage of the offer on a regular basis. Wives in particular have an increased interest in their health. 57 percent of married women have a mammogram done regularly, and only a fifth (around 20 percent) of single women also have breast cancer screening.

The experts can only guess why. Mutual care in the partnership could be a possible explanation. For example, 72 percent of those surveyed stated that they would make sure that their partner took part in the tests. According to further studies, it is mainly women who pay attention to adequate preventive care and in some cases remind men of such preventive measures and make the appointments.

For the non-representative survey, a total of 1956 people from the age of 14 were asked to perform preventive medical examinations. (sb, October 11, 2010)

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