Heartache lasts 19 months

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Survey: On average, lovesickness lasts about 19 months after separation from the ex-partner. Every tenth man cannot overcome a separation.

Almost everyone knows the unspeakable pain after a separation. According to a survey by the partner online stock exchange "PARSHIP", lovesickness lasts on average around 19 months. This resulted in a non-representative survey of 2500 women and men on the online platform. Men need an average of 17 months to overcome their separation pain. Women, on the other hand, usually mourn around 20 months. Every tenth man said he had great doubts that he would ever fully process the separation. About six percent of women feel the same way. "After a breakup, a grief phase is important and normal. However, it should also be ended after a reasonable amount of time in order to look openly and positively into the (relationship) future again," said PARSHIP psychologist Markus Ernst. Many people tend to idealize their former partner. "You should therefore also consider the difficult situations from the past relationship, which can help with processing."

In addition to the emotional discomfort, lovesickness can also trigger physical symptoms. Inner restlessness and brooding can be responsible for sleep disorders, tiredness, exhaustion and difficulty concentrating. The heart feels “heavy” or “torn” and it is not uncommon for the heart pain to be clearly felt physically. The stomach also contracts sometimes, nausea and abdominal pain can develop. (sb, Oct 9, 2010)

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