Autumn: Let children play outside

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Children's health: let children play outside even in autumn.

Many parents believe that cold in itself can harm children. For this reason, children are often over-dressed or are prohibited from playing in the fresh air during the autumn days. But children should also be allowed to play outside in the cold autumn weather. The cold weather is also important for the health of the child, so that the immune system is conditioned and they become more resistant to colds or typical autumn diseases.

Do not dress children too thick and too warm
Parents should not dress their children too fat, as children mostly move around and sweat a lot. They could get sick from sweaty clothes. It is therefore best if children put on several pieces of clothing that they can take off when they are too warm. This is what the parent magazine "Kinder" currently advises in its current edition.

Do not set the heating in the children's room too high
Also in the apartment, parents should make sure that the heating in the children's room is not turned up too high. Too warm and dry air dries out the mucous membranes in the nose and throat. Viruses that lead to infections can more easily settle here.

Prevent autumn diseases
Typical autumn diseases can be prevented with natural medicine. For example, to protect the sensitive nasal mucosa, a drop of sunflower or rapeseed oil can be spread into each nostril every day. Continue to autumn diseases. (sb, 09/11/2010)

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