Health insurance companies: Additional 100 euros in the future?

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Health insurance companies: According to calculations by the Institute for Health Economics at the University of Cologne, statutory health insurers will soon have to pay around 100 euros a month in additional contributions. Almost all insured persons in the SHI would be affected by social compensation.

According to information from the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB), purely arithmetically around 100 euros per month in additional contributions could come from the statutory health insurers. The union relies on an expert opinion from the Institute for Health Economics at the University of Cologne.

The scientists at the University of Cologne made a grim forecast. Since the share of employees in statutory health insurance contributions has been frozen, the insured will have to bear the rising costs of the health system themselves in the future. The scientists calculated the possible additional contributions from the statutory health insurance companies based on two scenarios. If the annual expenditure of the health insurance funds increases by only two percent more than the income, then according to calculations, the monthly additional contribution in 2025 could already be 97 euros per month. That would be an additional head allowance of 1164 euros per year, which the insured would have to pay for the regular health insurance contributions. Every employee with an average income of up to 4827 euros would then already be entitled to social compensation, as it was said. According to the trade union confederation, almost all of those insured by the statutory health insurance companies. In the calculations for social compensation, only the contribution-based and not the actual income counts. This means that all further increases in health care costs must be borne by the state budget.

The DGB sharply criticized this development. According to the trade unionists, this was a "redistribution policy in favor of the employers," criticized the deputy DGB chairwoman Annelie Buntenbach. Around 90 percent of the citizens are affected by the plans further.

But it can get worse. Because the first scenario assumes a "moderate" development. However, if the annual costs of the health insurance funds rise by four percent, the monthly additional contributions of around 100 euros will come into force in 2020. This means that in five years the SHI insured will have to pay an additional flat rate of 46 euros per month (552 euros per year) for health insurance. Whoever earns up to 2286 euros would already be entitled to social compensation. "The de facto nationalization of growth is therefore within reach," said the study authors.

16 statutory health insurance companies currently charge an additional contribution of eight euros per month. According to the plans of the federal government, the health insurers should be able to determine the amount of the additional contributions themselves in the course of the health care reform. At the same time, the employer's share of health insurance is frozen, so that future increases in contributions will have to be borne by the employees alone. This means that every additional premium increase must be borne by the insured person. The head of the institute is the SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach. With the study results, a concrete calculation was presented for the first time, which points to the dangers of the head package for insured persons and the state budget. (sb, 10/10/2010)

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