Practice for mental health & conflict counseling

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Alma Vida: Practice for mental health & conflict counseling in Wuppertal As a naturopath for psychotherapy, I mainly work in the following areas: psychotherapy, couple therapy, psychological kinesiology, relaxation procedures, role play and psychodrama. In addition, I also offer talent diagnostics and school career advice for families, since I am also an occupational therapist in initial training. I accompany people on their way to untie knots and go new ways, in a relaxed atmosphere I help to tread other ways, to become clear about obstacles or simply to see each other again. In couple therapy, I work according to a concept that allows you to feel significant changes after just 4-6 sessions. Barrier-free rooms, parking space Appointments by appointment in the event of an emergency, even at short notice in the evening or on weekends! Call me.

Alma Vida: Practice for mental health & conflict counseling in Wuppertal
Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse 153
42117 Wuppertal
Tel: 02023953553
Mail [email protected]

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