Men live healthier than women

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Study: Men live healthier than women and are more likely to develop serious illnesses at a young age.

An evaluation of the private health insurance DKV showed that men in Germany fall ill more often at a young age than women. The study is based on an overall evaluation of the data records of DKV Versicherung. A total of 400,000 data sets of the insured were evaluated anonymously.

Men often live unhealthily
According to the DKV study, the often unhealthy lifestyle of men means that the disease rate in men is significantly higher than in women. On average, women pay more attention to their health, exercise more and eat healthier. The study results are not representative, but the data shows a clear trend in men and women. In the summer of 2010, the health insurance company published a report on “How healthy Germany lives”. A total of 2500 DKV insured persons were asked about their health behavior for the evaluation. This showed that men smoke more and drink more alcohol. According to the DKV, it can be deduced that men have a higher obesity and cardiovascular disease risk than women. The risk of obesity alone (morbidly overweight) is a third higher than that of women.
Men particularly often have a heart attack
The study identified a significant increase in illnesses, especially in men aged 45 and over. Men particularly often have a heart attack. Below the age limit of 70 years of age, men suffer an infarction more than three times as often as women. In addition to a genetic predisposition, a heart attack is particularly favored by smoking, lack of exercise and an unhealthy diet. So one could conclude here also on a healthier way of life of the men, as it was said.

Risk of death in men is twice as high
The evaluation results are also confirmed by other studies. At the beginning of the year, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in Berlin published an evaluation of the risk of death for women and men in Germany. According to the results, men have a life expectancy of almost 76, women on the other hand get older and live on average up to the age of 80. In younger years (between 30 and 64), twice as many men die as women. So Prof. Dr. Frank Sommer together: "Women live in their bodies. Men use their bodies more as an instrument - and neglect it". Women also have better strategies for problems and illnesses: "They talk more about a problem, men tend to eat it in themselves." Professor Peter Falkai, Director of the Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the University of Göttingen recently said.

According to the DKV CEO Günter Dibbern, genetic positions cause the risk of heart attack in men. But that alone does not necessarily lead to men suffering from a heart attack. For example, the DKV report showed that men eat less fruit and vegetables, but consume more meat. Around 25 percent of men eat meat every day; for women, the rate is 15 percent. Men move less and are also more likely to be stressed.

Women still pay more for their health insurance
Women have to pay higher premiums for private health insurance. The insurers often justify this fact with a longer life expectancy. On average, women have to pay between 10 and 30 percent more for their insurance policy. But it is not only the higher life expectancy that is responsible for the high insurance sum: women live healthier and are therefore less susceptible to serious illnesses, but women apparently go to the doctor more often and earlier. According to the DKV study, women also take longer to receive treatment.

Marriage could save men
The DKV now wants to use the study results to provide improved health services to the insured men. In this way, men should be encouraged to eat healthier and to take more preventive examinations. However, people at DKV are aware that the social environment plays a major role and that men have to fundamentally rethink. It is very interesting in this context that marriage lowers the risk of death in men. The Robert Koch Institute recently found that the death rate among unmarried men between 30 and 60 years is 2.5 times higher than among married women. According to experts, this is due to the fact that women in marriage take care of men's health and, for example, urge and remind them about medical appointments. In addition, the nutrition in the course of a marriage is healthier than that of unmarried men. (sb, Oct 8, 2010)

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