Germ contamination in drinking water has been demonstrated

Germ contamination in drinking water: Two localities affected

When testing drinking water, coli bacteria were found in two Hessian villages. In both Niedergude and Hergershausen, the drinking water contained too high a concentration of coliform bacteria. Water, which is used for drinking, cooking or for preparing food and drinks, should therefore be boiled for at least ten minutes, the health office warns.

Water supply company responsible for the hygienic quality According to the Drinking Water Ordinance (TrinkwV), the water supply company is responsible for ensuring that the drinking water is in perfect condition when it is handed over to the customer. Regular checks at different measuring points should ensure that the hygienic regulations are also complied with. During such a check in the supply area of ​​the Hänspalt elevated tank, excessive contamination with coli bacteria was detected in the Niedergude and Hergershausen network. The health department of the district of Hersfeld-Rotenburg then ordered immediate disinfection of the drinking water in Obergude, Niedergude, Erdpenhausen and Hergershausen.

With chlorine against germs With the help of chlorine, the too high bacterial load of the water in the villages of the municipality of Alheim is to be reduced back to normal. Up to a residual content of maximum 0.1 mg / l free chlorine, the concentration in the drinking water should be increased when it is fed into the network. The authorities emphasize that the chlorinated water is in no way harmful to health, but may have a stronger chlorine smell. In order to rule out any health risks, the municipal administration nonetheless requests that water, which is to be used for drinking, cooking or for preparing food and beverages, be boiled for 10 minutes as a precaution. It can still be used safely for personal hygiene and toilet flushing. However, caution is also required in aquariums and the chlorine-containing water should not be used if possible. The tap water is initially increasingly mixed with chlorine for a few days, whereby the municipality of Alheim has announced immediately to inform about all further measures as well as the end of the disinfection measure of the drinking water. (fp, 06.10.2010)

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