Notebooks cause of skin damage?

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Notebooks cause of skin damage?

(10/05/2010) Skin damage from notebooks? Researchers from the University of Basel have demonstrated that the laptop on the lap can lead to "Toasted Skin" syndrome on the thighs (roasted skin) because the bottom of the devices can reach up to 50 degrees Celsius. Men also suffer the quality of the sperm under the heat.

Sponge-like changes in the skin caused by heat Andreas W. Arnold and Peter H. Itin from the dermatological department of the University of Basel have devoted themselves to the phenomenon of the "Toasted Skin" syndrome and have now published their results in the specialist magazine "Pediatrics". They were able to find out that the heat of the notebooks caused by tissue contact for too long caused a change in the tissue, which, like a slight burn, can be accompanied by redness and swelling. For example, in a 12-year-old boy, after playing computer games on the lap for several hours a day, a spongy skin structure had formed on the thighs. A law student suffered from permanent skin discoloration on her thighs due to regular contact with the notebook, which was too hot. According to the experts, the notebook on your lap or regular contact with the underside of the device can not only lead to undesirable skin changes, but in very rare cases is also the cause of skin cancer. It is not without reason that manufacturers warn against working with the laptop on their lap and contact with the hot underside of their devices. Doctors also recommend not using notebooks directly on your lap, but instead using suitable documents. Long trousers are not enough for protection.

Contact lasting several hours leads to changes in the skin The two scientists from the University of Basel describe a total of ten cases of the "Toasted Skin" syndrome (also called "erythema ab igne" by experts) in the specialist magazine "Pediatrics". In all of the cases described, contact with the underside of the device for several hours a day had taken place over a period of several months. Although patients often noticed that the laptop generated considerable heat on their lap, they changed their position too seldom and did not anticipate the consequences for the skin. “He noticed that the laptop on the left side was getting hot. Nevertheless, he did not change his position, ”the doctors commented, for example, on the development of the disease in the 12-year-old boy.

Hot notebooks bad for sperm The "Toasted Skin" syndrome is usually not a special health restriction for the patient, but permanent discoloration of the skin can occur, which does not regress even after years. Men in particular should not underestimate the risk posed by the laptop on their lap. Because heat is deadly for the male sperm cells and the quality of the sperm sometimes suffers considerably from the heat radiated by the notebooks. (fp)

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