Migraines: stress or chocolate are not triggers

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Stress and chocolate are not triggers for migraine attacks

At the beginning of the German Pain Congress 2010 in Mannheim, Rostock doctor and headache expert Peter Kropp stated that migraines are not caused by chocolate or stress. It was also a mistake to avoid possible triggers during a migraine.

The German Pain Congress 2010 started today in Mannheim. At the start of the congress, the expert for migraines and headaches, Dr. Peter Kropp, stress or chocolate, for example, do not trigger migraines. In addition, it is a mistake to assume that one should avoid possible causes at the time of the pain. For example, many patients avoid drinks such as sparkling wine or wine to avoid migraines. However, new studies have shown that such avoidance tactics can only aggravate the symptoms. The head should get used to the trigger. For example, if white wine triggers a migraine, those affected should drink a glass of water from time to time, according to the almost revolutionary finding. The result is the same if the wine is heavily diluted. "It was often the errors that led to visions and thus better treatment options," says headache expert Prof. Dr. Peter Kropp firmly.

Chocolate is not a trigger for migraines
70 percent of migraine sufferers report that they feel a craving for something sweet before a pain attack. Many combine these two factors and assume that the chocolate ultimately triggered the migraines. However, a study has shown that candy is not a trigger. The cravings as such are a signal before the actual migraine attack. The Pain Congress will continue until October 10th. A program can be viewed here. (sb, Oct 6, 2010)

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