Additional contributions also possible in 2011

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Additional contributions to the statutory health insurance companies are also possible in 2011.

In the opinion of the umbrella association of health insurance companies, new additional contributions to the statutory health insurance companies will also be possible in the coming year. The association thus contradicts statements by the Federal Insurance Office that no additional additional contributions will be necessary due to the increase in premiums from 2011.

The funding of the health insurance was secured, the Federal Ministry of Health emphasized last week. It relied on calculations by the Federal Insurance Office. However, the health insurance association disagrees, because the higher contributions could compensate for the billions deficit in health insurance, but this does not apply to the overall market. Because the situation of the individual health insurance companies differs greatly. So it was pointed out that especially the health insurance companies in the expensive cities have an increased cost. Because the costs for hospitals are very likely to increase. This increase would then have to be offset with additional additional contributions, as it was said.

However, the Federal Insurance Office excludes additional contributions for 2011. The health insurance fund's total expenses of EUR 178.9 billion are covered by payments. For 2012, on the other hand, additional additional contributions from the statutory health insurance funds are very well predicted. (sb, 04.10.2010)

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