Fungus poisoning: patients out of danger

Fungus poisoning: mother and daughter out of danger
At the weekend, the mother and daughter from the Münsterland region were taken to the Münster University Hospital with severe fungal intoxication. Both had mistaken for the highly toxic tuber agaric and eaten it. As the hospital announced on Tuesday, both are out of danger again. Well-being is appropriate to the circumstances. The poisoning had caused severe liver failure.

Until the end, it was not clear whether a liver transplantation had to be performed. To detoxify the body, doctors used a relatively new dialysis procedure. The toxins from the tuber agaric were removed from the patient's blood. A transplantation can now very probably be dispensed with, said the University Hospital of Münster.
Last weekend, the doctors said that the next 24 hours are crucial for detoxification.

The cone-shaped and highly poisonous tuber agaric is often confused with edible mushrooms due to its great similarity. Even small amounts of the fungus are enough to cause severe liver damage. If fast medical care is not initiated, there is a risk of death from fungal intoxication. (sb, 05.10.2010)

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