Toadstool: Foragers suffered liver failure

Toadstool: Foragers suffered liver failure. A new dialysis procedure should avoid a liver transplant.

Two men from Rheine are in mortal danger. Both suffered liver failure after consuming highly poisonous forest mushrooms. They had confused the cone-shaped death cap mushroom with the forest and meadow mushroom and ate it.

The high season for wild mushrooms has started. The damp and warm weather allows the mushrooms to sprout in the forest. But those who do not know exactly what to do can quickly put their lives in danger. This happened to two men from Rheine. They mistook the highly poisonous death cap mushroom for edible mushrooms. Both men (24 and 55 years old) suffered acute liver failure and were admitted to the Münster University Hospital. Both mushroom pickers were lucky, because the quick medical care saved their lives. Nevertheless, according to the doctors, both are in mortal danger.

Doctors are fighting for the lives of patients with a new dialysis process. The newly developed membrane technology is supposed to clean the toxins of the fungus from the body. The next 24 hours will show that the procedure is successful and that a liver transplant can be avoided, the doctors said. Doctors strongly warn against eating mushrooms that are not very well known.

According to information from the Poison Information Center (GIZ-Nord), the number of mushroom poisoning has risen sharply. Compared to the previous year, twice as many inquiries were made to the center due to actual or alleged poisoning. The number of suspected cases per mushroom season is usually around 300, this year it could be around 600, as the GIZ reports.

The first signs of poisoning are general malaise, nausea and vomiting. If the symptoms subside, there is no reason to assume that there is no mushroom poisoning. Because these are also typical signs of poisoning. In any case, a doctor should be contacted. Only fast medical care can save the lives of poisoned patients. (sb, 04.10.2010)

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