Take nausea seriously after eating mushrooms

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Take nausea seriously after eating mushrooms

If you have eaten mushrooms yourself afterwards, you should pay attention to any symptoms. The first signs of fungal poisoning are malaise, nausea and vomiting. The symptoms subside after a short time, so there is no reason not to take the symptoms seriously. Fungus poisoning manifests itself, among other things, by the fact that the symptoms subside promptly and later come back all the more violently.

Nausea, malaise and vomiting should be taken seriously after eating mushrooms. Even if the complaints subside after a short time, this is no reason to give the all-clear, as the experts from the Poison Information Center announced. Because the symptoms often return after a few hours. This can already be a sign of severe damage to the liver, as poison expert Michael Deters said. In such a situation there is an immediate danger to life. Quick medical help is then only a call to emergency number 112. Mushroom pickers should always have the emergency number ready to hand. The Poison Control Center can also be contacted. A corresponding list can already be called up on the Internet. It also always makes sense to keep a few remnants of the forest mushrooms collected. The doctor can then diagnose poisoning in the patient more quickly.

At the weekend, two men had to be brought to the University Clinic in Bonn after eating their own mushrooms. Both patients suffer from life-threatening liver damage after eating toadstools. The two mushroom pickers have eaten the highly toxic, cone-shaped tuber agaric. The mushroom is the most poisonous in German forests and is often confused with the forest and meadow mushrooms. Even a minimal portion can lead to death or at least serious liver damage. Numerous patients had to have a donor liver implanted after eating the tuber agaric.

Those who are not 100% familiar with forest mushrooms should better stay away from it. Caution is also advised by street vendors. If you still want to eat the mushrooms, in case of doubt you should contact a mushroom expert who will check the mushrooms you have collected or bought before eating them. (sb)

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