Naturopathy helpful with addiction therapies

Naturopathy helpful for addiction diseases.

Around 500 addicts have been treated at the Salzburg Double Clinic in Austria since 2009. The use of medicinal products has been greatly reduced through the use of naturopathic treatments and relaxation methods. A clear advantage: The use of naturopathic treatments significantly reduced undesirable side effects from medicines. Project manager and psychiatrist Stefan Brunnuber told ORF: The treatment methods are very well received by patients. Overall, the administration of so-called pharmaceuticals was reduced by around 50 percent.

Natural healing acupuncture, liver wrap and breathing exercises
Around 500 patients are treated at Salzburg Psychiatry II for addiction disorders. Naturopathic treatments include classic acupuncture, liver wrap to detoxify the body, breathing exercises for anxiety and panic attacks as well as various teas for inner restlessness and sleep disorders.

The psychiatrist and medical doctor Stefan Brunnhuber introduced the new methods: "Overall, we can draw a very positive balance. The patients benefit from the treatment methods. This also has an impact on the staff, the coexistence in the ward. There is also an impact on the cost structure We were able to reduce the cost of medication by almost 50 percent while improving care. "

Patients accept therapy well
The patients react extremely positively to the new treatments. Previously, they only knew the daily use of medication and psychotherapy. After the introduction of natural healing methods, the patients were able to learn to take their lives into their own hands again. It is striking that many are now taking on more responsibility for themselves and losing their passive inner attitude towards therapy. Because they don't just get any medication in their hands, but are in close contact with the therapist during the treatments. The Salzburg Double Clinic / Psychiatry II is the first clinic in Austria to successfully use naturopathy procedures in combination with conventional therapies for addiction disorders. (sb, 10/01/2010)

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