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The financing of the health insurance companies is secured for 2011. However, health insurances are not excluded for 2011.

After criticism of the health care reform was about to boil over in the last few days, the federal government is trying to put the positive aspects of the changes back a little more in the foreground. The representatives of the CDU / CSU and FDP can base themselves on the now announced forecasts of the group of estimators for the statutory health insurance, which assume that the expenses of the health insurance companies in the coming year will be covered by the allocations from the health fund.

Group of appraisers announces forecast for 2011 After two days of consultation, the group of appraisers for statutory health insurance in Bonn has published the forecasts for the financial situation in the health system. According to this, the health insurance funds will have income from the health fund of EUR 181.1 billion in 2011, with an estimated expenditure of EUR 178.9 million. This means that all expenses can probably be covered by the income from the health fund. No additional contributions should therefore be made in 2011. And the social equalization is also sustainably secured through the additional provision of two billion euros from tax revenue for 2011, according to the experts.

Feared cash deficit of 11 billion was avoided The feared cash deficit of around 11 billion euros was avoided primarily by raising the contribution rate from 14.9 to 15.5 percent of gross wages. Both employees and employers each have to assume a 0.3 percent increase in contributions. The proportion of employers is to be fixed in the future, however, so that any further increases in the contribution rate are only to be made by the employees. In addition, a significant deficit in the statutory health insurance funds is expected again from 2012, which the federal government plans to compensate for by collecting additional contributions. In the future, any further cost increases by the statutory health insurers will only have to be borne by the members.

Planned savings are not enough to reorganize the health system The fact that the allocations from the health fund are sufficient to cover the costs in 2011 is also due to the planned austerity measures in the health system. For example, the administrative costs for the statutory health insurance were fixed at the value of 2010, and not inconsiderable savings were also made for the health insurers, general practitioners, dentists, hospitals and expenditure on medicines. This at least secured funding for 2011. But this is not enough to reorganize the health system.
Full-coverage additional contributions from 2012 Experts such as Professor Dr. Jürgen Wasem from the Chair of Medical Management at the University of Duisburg / Essen but also representatives of the Federal Government with the nationwide introduction of additional contributions. Initially, these should be around 5 euros on average, but will increase relatively sharply in the future. Prof. Dr. Wasem, based on his own calculations, assumes that the additional contributions "will already be an average of just under 80 euros per member of the health insurance fund by 2020".

2011 additional contributions to certain health insurance companies? However, the collection of additional contributions cannot be ruled out for 2011 either, despite the overall secured financing. In an interview with rbb-Inforadio, the head of the association of statutory health insurers (GKV), Doris Pfeiffer, does not rule out the collection of additional contributions for the coming year. Although it agrees with the forecasts of the group of estimators regarding the general financial situation of the health insurance companies, this is not the case for individual health insurance companies. According to Doris Pfeiffer, financial deficits could arise at health insurers with a large number of insured persons in predominantly urban regions, for example due to high hospital costs, so that the insurance companies would then have to raise an additional contribution.

Criticism of the health care reform does not stop. The reform remains controversial not only at the political level. The additional proposals from the Ministry of Health do little to change this. For example, the latest plans by the Federal Minister of Health Philipp Rösler (FDP) to introduce prepayment to the doctor also face considerable resistance. For example, AOK Vice Chairman Jürgen Graalmann emphasized to the "Bild": "Prepayment from the doctor does not solve a single problem of the SHI", but unsettles the patient and creates "more administrative effort for everyone". Therefore, this proposal of the Federal Minister of Health is relative from many sides In view of the relatively mild handling of the pharmaceutical lobby and the "gifts" to private health insurance companies, the opposition has again been accused of "clientel politics" and representatives of the SPD emphasized that the government coalition was endangering social peace with the reform Based on the forecasts of the group of estimates that have now been announced, the government representatives of the CDU / CSU and FDP see their plans confirmed and, despite all the criticism, will probably not make any further adjustments to the health care reform for the time being. (Fp, 10/01/2010)

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