Social organization: health needs solidarity

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Social association criticizes planned health care reform. Rather, human health needs a solidarity-based health system.

"With its bill, the federal government plans to change the system from solidarity-financed statutory health insurance (GKV) to health insurance coverage that is only financed by the insured and patients." This criticized the federal manager of the social and welfare association people solidarity, Dr. Bernd Netherland, on Thursday on the occasion of the Bundestag debate on the draft law for SHI financing. "The statutory health insurance, which has been tried and tested for over 100 years, is to be fundamentally rebuilt and gradually privatized. We can only warn against this."

The Netherlands once again described the draft law as "unsuitable for securing long-term sustainable and solidary financing of health costs." The feared change in the system was mainly due to the fixing of the employer's contribution and the expansion of the additional contributions. "This means that the principle of equal funding is abandoned. In many cases, the proposed social compensation to be financed from tax funds will not be targeted"
be. This would also only insufficiently compensate for the overall greater burden on those insured by law because it is based on the average additional contribution and not on the real additional costs for the insured.

National solidarity also rejects the proposed prepayment tariffs for those with statutory health insurance, said the managing director of the association. "This means that the benefit in kind principle, which is one of the foundations of social health insurance, is abolished. In addition, the burden on insured persons and patients is further increased, which is particularly felt by low-wage earners, Hartz 4 recipients and pensioners."

The Netherlands emphasized: "There are alternatives to this destruction of the health care system based on solidarity". He referred to that of Prof. Dr. Thomas Gerlinger, commissioned by the People's Solidarity and the German Social Association (SoVD), issued an opinion "Health needs solidarity". Social health reform must focus on the interests of the insured and patients. Such reform needs to be more equitable in funding health care and for one
provide the necessary quality-assured healthcare for all citizens. (pm, Sep 30, 2010)

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