DAK Health Report: Sleep disorders are increasing

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DAK Health Report: Sleep disorders and mental illnesses are increasing

Mental illnesses such as depression or burnout syndrome are also increasing significantly in the Pinneberg district, according to the corresponding DAK health report. In addition, around 0.5 percent more people reported sick than in the previous year, so that the sick leave rose to 3.3 percent.

Increase in sick leave - greatest increase in mental illnesses In the health report, the DAK evaluates the data of its insured persons - including medical diagnoses and prescriptions for medicinal products as well as surveys of experts and selected population groups. In addition to a general increase in sick leave by 0.5 percent, the massive increase in mental illnesses by 46 percent is particularly noticeable in the report for the Pinneberg district. 33 out of 1,000 insured persons were on sick leave every day in 2009, with Pinneberg still being slightly below the national average. Dr. Raimund Hümmelink, head of the health service in the Pinneberg district administration, explains the general increase in sick leave as follows: Since in times of the economic crisis, many employees have given up sick leave due to fear of losing their jobs, however, in the course of the economic recovery, they often consult a doctor again , the sick leave increases automatically.

Most common causes of illness: Back complaints, respiratory diseases and psychological disorders Back ailments are still the most common cause of sick leave, followed by diseases of the respiratory system. According to the DAK health report, back complaints as well as bronchitis and the like increased again by twelve percent on the basis of a rather high starting value from the previous year. Third place in the causes of sick leave is now followed by mental illnesses such as depression or burnout, which have increased by a terrifying 46 percent. “During the economic crisis, many companies released staff and distributed the work to the remaining employees. Depression and burnout are now more common due to the increase in work density and pressure in the world of work, "said Thomas Ehlert, Head of the DAK Service Center Pinneberg, on the results of the health report.

Lack of sleep increases - doctor's visit recommended Similar to the recently published DAK health report for Thuringia, there is also a worrying increase in sleep disorders and sleep deprivation in Pinneberg. According to the DAK, far too many people are tormented to work every day. In November and December of last year, the DAK surveyed 1407 men and women between the ages of 35 and 65, with 21.5 percent saying that they suffered from sleep disorders more frequently and that 26.5 percent were sometimes affected. Lack of sleep should not be taken lightly, however. The experts advise that sleep problems be examined medically as soon as they last longer than a month, occur at least three times a week and / or have a disruptive effect on the profession. The DAK experts strongly advise against self-medication with sleeping pills, as long-term use can have massive side effects. "It is frightening that almost 60 percent of those affected take medication without the supervision of a doctor," Wolfgang Wirkner from the DAK told the "Bild" newspaper.

Healthy nutrition, sport and relaxation for prevention Finally, Thomas Ehlert comments on the DAK health report for 2009 with the words: "The level of sickness in the Pinneberg district shows that there is a need for action in terms of health". For example, balanced nutrition, According to the medical experts, regular physical activity and relaxation exercises help to permanently reduce the risk of illness. In addition, experts such as Thomas Ehlert and Dr. Hümmelink recommend that insureds take advantage of the preventive services offered by their health insurers. (fp)

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