Health insurance: toadstool is edible?

Health insurance company IKK classified a poisonous mushroom as "edible" in its member newspaper.

(09/27/2010) The health insurance company Common IKK has classified a toadstool as edible in its member newsletter "Aktiv & Gesund". This was the green body, which can cause nausea, sweating, muscle pain and severe fatigue in some people. A new French study even showed that eating the mushroom can even lead to death. A few years ago, the green body was classified as "edible".

In its 03/2010 issue, the United Health Insurance Fund IKK accidentally advertised a toadstool as edible in its member magazine "Aktiv und Gesund". It was the green mushroom which is also called agaric. The error occurred in the article "The autumn asks to table" In the meantime, the cash register has reacted and published a correction. In it, it regrets the process and apologizes. The error occurred because an external agency was commissioned to report It in the statement: "Our external agency made a significant mistake that can pose a danger to life and limb" because the fungus itself not only causes discomfort in some people, but is also often confused with the dangerous and highly toxic tuberous agaric. Even a small amount of the cone-shaped tuber agaric is enough to try severe liver damage to humans Greenery not to collect and not to eat ".

A few years ago, the green mushroom (agaric) was actually classified as edible. However, an investigation by French scientists in 2010 showed that the mushroom should definitely be removed from the list of edible mushrooms. The fungus has already triggered muscle weakness described as tricholoma equestre syndrome in several people. Some people have died as a result of consumption. The information from the external agency probably came from previous years.

Inexperienced mushroom pickers should definitely visit a mushroom advice center before eating mushrooms they have collected themselves. If a corresponding mushroom advice center is not nearby, you can also contact the local poison control center if in doubt. If a mushroom is not known to one hundred percent, consumption is strongly discouraged. (sb)

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