Loki Schmidt was hospitalized

Ex-Chancellor's wife Loki Schmidt was admitted to a Hamburg hospital due to a broken leg.

The wife of the former SPD Chancellor Helmut Schmidt was admitted to a clinic in Hamburg. According to the "Asklepios Klinik Nord", the meanwhile 91 year old has been hospitalized in the orthopedic department of the hospital since Thursday. She had broken a foot.

The sprightly pensioner and wife of the former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt has been treated in a Hamburg clinic since Thursday. Doctors from the orthopedic department and trauma surgery have already successfully operated on the former chancellor's wife. Loki Schmidt is on the way to health improvement, as a spokesman for the clinic confirmed. The hospital did not want to provide further details to protect the patient's personal rights.

Loki Schmidt had to be taken to a hospital two years ago because she fell at home. Ms. Schmidt had to stay in the clinic for a long time of over six weeks. Only a year before she had to be treated medically due to health problems in the spine.

With increasing age, older people have to seek medical treatment again and again because of numerous illnesses or accidents. Loki Schmidt once said on an ARD television program with Reinhold Beckmann that young people cannot imagine how difficult it is to be increasingly dependent in old age. Ms. Schmidt said: "A younger person cannot imagine how difficult it is to be dependent". Only with iron discipline did she manage to get healthy and fit again. The 91-year-old reported on the stresses during the aging process. Again and again you have to go into care. "I don't want to be looked after so much," said Ms. Schmidt, because she was always an independent woman and would like to stay as long as possible.

Her inner, positive attitude has certainly helped her to master the aging. All in all, Ms. Schmidt once reported that she undertook around 70 research trips and always set up her own tent. But that would no longer be possible in old age.

The beginning of getting older was still a nice time in which you can use the free time and enjoy life. But then comes the time when you need help and become dependent. “Then comes the time when you need help and become dependent, where you need a lot of time to put on and take off yourself. It has nothing to do with the happy time of old age, "said Hannelore Schmidt, who likes to call herself" Loki ".

Loki Schmidt has been married to ex-Chancellor and former SPD chairman Helmut Schmidt for over 68 years. Between 1974 and 82 she took on the protocol tasks of a wife of the Federal Chancellor. Loki was particularly involved in nature conservation for the conservation of endangered plants and founded the Foundation for the Protection of Endangered Plants in 1976. At that time, topics such as the environment and nature conservation were not yet firmly anchored in society. This makes it a pioneer in environmental protection. She has dealt with the topics of botany and nature conservation in numerous books and publications. In 1979 she published the book "Protect nature: impressions from our homeland". (sb, 09/25/2010)

Photo credit: Federal Archives, B 145 Image-F055066-0024 / Schaack, Lothar / CC-BY-SA. This image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Germany license.

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