Health insurance IKK classified toadstool as edible

Health insurance IKK classified toadstool "Grünling" as edible.

The statutory health insurance company IKK made an embarrassing mistake. In her membership sheet "Active and Healthy" she classified and listed a poisonous forest mushroom as edible. This was reported by the newspaper “Westfalen-Blatt” in its current edition at the weekend.

Such mistakes must not happen and can endanger the health of people: In the 03/2010 issue of the IKK health insurance fund, its member magazine "Aktiv und Gesund" classified a poisonous mushroom as edible. It was the green body (agaric). The mushroom was classified as edible in a contribution "Autumn asks for table". The agaric can cause severe symptoms in some people. The poison control center lists possible complaints: fatigue, muscle weakness, muscle pain, nausea and vomiting as well as severe sweating. If mushroom pickers notice such symptoms, a doctor should be called in immediately.

The health insurance company has already responded and published a correction. It says: “Our external agency has made a significant mistake that can pose a danger to life and limb. We urge you not to collect the green body and not to consume it ”.

The mushroom is also so dangerous because it can also be confused with the conical tuber agaric. The tuber agaric is highly toxic and can lead to severe liver damage and ultimately to the patient's death. The Poison Control Center North reported last week that the good mushroom weather has almost doubled the requests for possible fungal poisoning. For this reason, it is advisable to get comprehensive information before eating mushrooms. If symptoms arise after eating self-collected mushrooms, an emergency doctor must be informed immediately. Because only quick treatment against poisoning can provide successful relief.

The membership sheet could have been read by around 1.6 million people. Because just as many people are insured with the IKK. (sb, 09/26/2010)

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Photo credit: Matthias Renner, description: Grünling Pilz.

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