Video games against poor eyesight

Study: video games can help against poor eyesight.

(09/25/2010) Reduce visual impairments with the help of video games: What sounds like a marketing gimmick has recently been scientifically proven in a comprehensive study by Berkeley University in California on visual acuity and spatial vision. Video games can significantly alleviate ametropia in adults as well.

Regular video game exercises in front of a monitor have noticeably improved both the visual acuity and the spatial vision of the test subjects within a month, according to the researchers from the University of California about the results of their study. They tested specially programmed video games on 20 adult amblyopia patients aged 20 to 60 years. Amblyopia (Greek: "dull eye") is the visual impairment of one or, in rare cases, both eyes, which is due to inadequate development of the visual system during early childhood development. In the past, children were able to achieve significant treatment successes by covering the healthy eye with a flap and thus training the eyesight of the weaker eye - however, this method no longer helps adults.

The results of the current study were all the more astonishing, since corresponding treatment successes were also achieved in adults. The participants played for two hours on 20 days, the healthy eye also being covered with an eye patch. After a month of treatment, the visual acuity of the test subjects improved by around 30 percent, and improvements were also seen in spatial vision. Further studies are now to follow in order to clearly confirm the benefits of video games. (fp)

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