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Prominent Reinhard Mey donates to coma patients.

(09/21/2010) The medical special flight from Thailand landed yesterday: 39-year-old coma patient Matthias K. is back in his homeland in Germany. Now the patient is cared for in a special clinic for coma patients. The songwriter and Reinhard Mey donated 15,000 euros for the treatment costs alone. Another 15,000 euros came from private donations and commitments from the authorities.

Forgotten eleven long months in a clinic in Thailand.
A German coma patient was in a Thai clinic for eleven months. The relatives were unable to pay for the treatment and the expensive treatment. Because the coma patient had no international health insurance. Numerous donations and campaigns by the authorities made it possible to bring the 39-year-old back home. The best known donor is Reinhard Mey. His son is in a coma himself. The singer wants to get the money together at a benefit concert in Bamberg. So Mey told the "Bild": "All proceeds from my concert in Bamberg on November 1st should be used for this. Since Mr. K. needs help immediately, I will make the sum available immediately. "

Return was a "thriller" until the end.
Until the end, everything was still very uncertain. After lengthy negotiations, the Federal Foreign Office agreed on Friday to assume the flight costs of 25,000 euros. As such, the cost of such a medically assisted special flight is much higher. But the "Flight Ambulance International (FAI)" made the offer to take the coma patient on a return flight from Australia. This only had to cover the costs for the stopover in Thailand.

However, another problem arose on site. Due to ambiguities and misunderstandings, the Thai hospital did not want to release the patient. The clinic had not received a deposit of the high treatment costs of 50,000 euros. A lightning transfer from a company made it possible at the last moment that Matthias K. could still be taken away. Now he is being treated and cared for in a clinic near Nuremberg.

Coma after falling from a staircase.
The man fell into a coma in October 2009 after falling down stairs at Hat Yai airport. The reason was a serious head injury. Since then the man has been in the clinic for eleven long months. The city of Bamberg started a fundraiser for the patient so that he could be brought back home. Because the relatives and relatives could not pay the high treatment costs. According to doctors, the man is already on the mend. He already reacts physically to touch and speech. It is "not a hopeless case" as reported. (sb)

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