Are wisdom teeth pulled too hastily?

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Study: Symptomless wisdom teeth are pulled too quickly.

In many patients, healthy wisdom teeth, which otherwise cause no discomfort, are pulled for prophylactic reasons. According to a study by the University of Bergen, most health complications only begin after the wisdom teeth have been removed. A general recommendation for the surgical removal of the wisdom teeth cannot be given from a medical point of view.

Orthodontists repeatedly argue with patients that the wisdom teeth have to be removed, otherwise the anterior teeth could shift. But there is no scientific basis for removing the wisdom teeth at all. On the contrary, it has not yet been demonstrated that wisdom teeth shift other teeth as they grow. In the course of the study, scientists came to the conclusion that wisdom teeth are not able to move the front teeth at all. On the other hand, there are no long-term comparative studies on whether leaving or removing the wisdom teeth is an advantage. "After all, every time you remove a tooth, there are the most serious risks, such as facial paralysis if the nerve is injured. So a careless indication endangers patients completely unnecessarily," said author Dr. Lars Hendrickson.

The dentist Dr. Lars Hendrickson also accuses his colleagues. The removal of the wisdom teeth is a financially lucrative business. Removing symptom-free wisdom teeth without any scientific basis shows how unscrupulous dentists can be. The patient's health is being carelessly put at risk. (sb, Sep 19, 2010)

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