Practice for causal medicine Andreas Lehmann

Practice for causal medicine

Practice for causal medicine - Andreas Lehmann (HP)

Every successful medical-therapeutic activity must be built on a solid and established basis. In the course of my many years of therapeutic experience, I developed this foundation in the form of a treatment philosophy, which is based on the following 1. Causal medical therapy approach It looks for the roots of the disease and supports the organism in eliminating it. Because Hippocrates said: "If someone strives for health, we must first ask whether he is ready to fix the cause of an illness. Only then can we help him." 2. Holistic treatment "Health means a comprehensive physical, mental, mental and social well-being" (Def. World Health Organization, 1986). Illness always affects people as a whole. A sensible therapy must therefore take into account and include both the physical-organic as well as the psycho-spiritual level in order to restore health in a holistic sense. 3. Individualization as a basic principle of therapy Every illness and course of a patient's illness is unique. Thus, the symptoms of the disease are always different and have to be considered differently from case to case. It is important to record these individual symptoms and essential characteristics of each person in detail in order to derive the necessary therapeutic conclusions for this person. This requires a detailed medical history and examination, as well as close observation and monitoring of the course of the disease.

Practice for causal medicine - Andreas Lehmann (HP)
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