What helps with warts?

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What helps with warts? According to a study, icing should work best.

(09/15/2010) Many people are affected by annoying warts that are difficult to treat. According to a study by Dutch doctors, the method of icing (cryotherapy) is said to work best. The course of the study compared cryotherapy, salicylic acid treatment and waiting.

A total of 240 subjects took part in the study. The age structure was between 4 and 79 years. The study participants were divided into three groups of equal size. The first part had the warts iced up every two weeks by a doctor. The second group treated the warts with salicylic acid daily. And the third group did nothing and just waited. The course of the study lasted a total of 13 weeks. According to the result, every second wart in the first group was successfully sold using the freezing method. In contrast, the success rate for salicylic acid therapy was only 15 percent. If no treatment was given, the warts were only eight percent gone.

However, side effects occurred more frequently with cryotherapy (icing) than with treatment with salicylic acid. Overall, according to the study authors in the medical journal "CMAJ", the patients were more satisfied with the icing because the warts could be treated successfully. In addition, the treatment of the widespread conventional warts on the hands was more successful than that of the so-called plantar warts (thorny warts) on the feet. According to medical experts, about 50 percent of such plantar warts heal spontaneously in children. In adolescents and adults, these warts heal only 5 percent.

Warts are a virus and can appear suddenly at any age, often affecting the hands and / or feet. However, some patients have not only one or two warts, but all over the body. Warts are recognizable by their pointed and hemispherical outgrowths. Rarely are the warts flat. The warts as such usually do not cause symptoms such as itching or pain. Most warts are benign, only in very rare cases can they cause pain or become malignant in certain parts of the body. On the contrary, wart viruses are almost perfectly adapted to the host, aslo to humans. In naturopathy, warts are mostly treated with rubbing in garlic. The method of an aqueous and oily garlic extract is said to be quite promising. (sb)

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