Health insurance companies: Many do not pay additional contributions

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Many people with health insurance do not pay any additional contributions.

(14.09.2010) Many people with health insurance do not pay the additional contributions levied by individual health insurances due to ignorance. Because unlike the regular health insurance contributions, these are not automatically deducted from the salary, but have to be transferred separately.

The health insurance companies complain that many people with health insurance do not pay the additional premium charged. According to a survey, every fifth member of the DAK, BKK Gesundheit and BKK für Heilberufe did not pay the additional contribution. City BKK is said to have over 30 percent defaulting additional fee payers. According to health expert Wolfgang Schuldzinski from the North Rhine-Westphalia consumer center, many insured persons would not even know that they would have to take action themselves. Those affected often assume that the additional contribution will be automatically transferred by the employer.

At the DAK one tries to contact the defaulting payer first by phone. "We want to speak intensively with customers again and find out the reason why they don't pay," said DAK spokesman Frank Meiners to dpa. A reminder is only the last step for the fund in order to collect the additional contribution. In the event of a reminder, additional fees and interest may be due. Around 10 percent would currently not pay the additional contributions at DAK.

Since the beginning of the year, individual health insurance companies have been charging so-called additional contributions. Most health insurance companies charge eight euros per month plus regular insurance contributions for each member liable to pay contributions. If a health insurance company announces such an additional contribution, you can make use of your special right of termination, as Schuldzinski explains from the consumer center. Anyone who changes health insurance in good time does not have to pay the first additional premium. (sb)

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