Internists: Preventive health care from 35 years old

Precautionary measures from 35 necessary. The health insurance companies cover the costs.

(13.09.2010) As the professional association of German internists (BDI) announced in Wiesbaden, men and women from the age of 35 should go to the family doctor every two years for preventive health care. The costs are covered by the statutory health insurance companies.

Precautionary measures include that individual laboratory medical examinations are arranged by the family doctor. This includes a urine sample and a blood test. In an in-depth discussion, the doctor should question family backgrounds and the patient's previous medical history. Certain medical history procedures can rule out diseases such as kidney disease, cardiovascular complaints and diabetes. The aim should also be to record the individual risks for developing diseases and to inform the patient about the possible consequences of the examination results.

The costs for health care are covered by the statutory health insurance companies. Some health insurance companies even reward the health check from the age of 35 with a bonus system and premium discounts. (sb)

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