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Practice for fungal medicine and biofield therapy

Welcome to the Heilpraxisnet - Information about my practice for fungal medicine and biofield therapy in Gechingen, district of Calw. My therapeutic focus is on the work / application with medicinal mushrooms and in bio-field therapy.

A form of treatment that is as yet little known is mycotherapy, i.e. healing with mushrooms. Medicinal mushrooms have a long tradition, especially in Asian countries, but are increasingly strengthening their presence and importance in naturopathy in Europe.
I am an enthusiastic mushroom picker myself, and have done so since my earliest childhood. So it is particularly important to me to use the power of these wonderful creatures of nature in therapy.
Medicinal mushrooms have the ability to stabilize our immune system, inhibit tumor growth, detoxify our body and can have a cell-renewing effect. Furthermore, medicinal mushrooms contain a variety of pharmacologically active substances and due to their optimal nutrient density, they can prevent deficiency symptoms. Medicinal mushrooms are now used in many acute and chronic diseases by naturopathy and often to accompany conventional medical treatment.

The further therapeutic focus is on the application of biofield therapy according to Dr. Schweitzer. This is a therapy method from the field of information medicine with which acute and chronic diseases can be treated. In field therapy, so-called compensating agents are used, which consist of non-potentiated mineral salts and their mixtures. These compensating agents do not act biochemically but biophysically on an informative - energetic level. To support this therapy, I use the bioenergy modulator, which is a device that works according to the principles of quantum mechanics. My diagnostic tool is the bio field test (according to Dr. Schweitzer). For more information about me and my therapeutic work visit me on my homepage.

Practice for fungal medicine and biofield therapy
Ernst Hampl (alternative practitioner)
Finkenweg 20
75391 Gechingen
Mail: [email protected]
Telephone: 07056/623119

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