Thrombosis risk increases in pregnancy

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Thrombosis risk increases in pregnancy.

(13.09.2010) The president of the professional association of gynecologists in Munich warns of the often underestimated risk of thrombosis for pregnant women. If you experience sudden severe pain in the anal area, you should urgently consult a doctor, because the cause can be a blood clot.

The so-called anal thrombosis is relatively widespread, according to Christian Albring, President of the Professional Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, but is mistaken for many pregnant women as hemorrhoidal ailments (ugs .: hemorrhoids). According to the expert, pressure and pressure during pregnancy and the subsequent delivery are often the cause of anal vein thrombosis.

After an appropriate diagnosis, small thromboses can usually be treated with ointments and suppositories without major problems, whereas larger ones must be opened or removed under local anesthesia. If no or a very late diagnosis is made, only the symptoms can be alleviated in older anal thrombosis. According to Christian Albring, pregnant women should prevent anal thrombosis, for example, by eating a balanced, high-fiber diet with plenty of fluids and by doing gymnastics during and after pregnancy. (fp)

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