More disabled people in Lower Saxony

More disabled people in Lower Saxony: Every twelfth person in Lower Saxony is affected by a disability. The most common cause of a disability is a previous illness.

(09.09.2010) More and more people in Lower Saxony are affected by a disability. According to a study published on Thursday by the State Office for Statistics and Communication Technology (LSKN), every twelfth person in Lower Saxony is already severely disabled.

More and more people are considered severely disabled in the state of Lower Saxony. By the end of 2009, 688,000 people had been recognized as severely disabled and were therefore entitled to a severely disabled ID. Compared to the last statistical survey in 2007, this is an increase of seven percent. It has not yet been clarified why the proportion of the population with severe disabilities has increased.

Over half of the disabled are already retired and over the age of 65. Only about 2.5 percent of those affected were still minors at the time of the survey. The most common cause of a disability was a previous illness that led to the disability. Genetic or congenital disabilities are more the exception. According to statistics, accidents are also rather rare. Some regions have a particularly large number of people with disabilities. Most people with a severe disability ID live in the municipality of Sicke (Wolfenb├╝ttel district) and in the city of Rotenburg.

Those affected are considered severely disabled if the degree of disability (GdB) is 50 percent or more. Then people with a disability are entitled to a severely disabled ID. Those affected apply for an appropriate ID card at the relevant pension office or state office. (sb)

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