Calcium supplements only in consultation with the doctor

Take calcium supplements only after consulting a doctor.

(08.09.2010) Supplementary calcium supplements have long been suspected of promoting cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks. For this reason, the German Society for Internal Medicine (DGIM) advises that calcium supplements only be used in consultation with the attending physician.

If calcium is supplied to the body in large quantities, the risk of a heart attack increases by up to 30 percent. This was determined by a scientific study by the New Zealand “University of Auckland” with around 12,000 test subjects, as the DGIM announced. However, the supply of calcium is essential to prevent bone loss. Calcium deficiency leads to osteoporosis, bone softening and bone fractures, especially in older patients. However, calcium is also found naturally in daily food.

According to the WHO, the recommended daily amount of calcium in adults is between 450 to 1000 milligrams (mg). Normally, calcium is absorbed in sufficient quantities through food. Vegetables, meat, fish and milk also contain plenty of natural calcium. Anyone who eats a balanced diet does not need any additional preparations.

The study showed that while calcium increases bone density, it can also damage the heart. Because after taking calcium supplements, the calcium levels in the blood rise to the maximum level of the normal range within six hours. Plaques could form in the blood, causing calcium deposits to form. You can find more information about the study here. (sb)

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