Fight against ragweed plants

Fight against ragweed plants.

(07.09.2010) The world's strongest allergy plant, ragweed, is spreading more and more in Germany. Ambrosia triggers very severe symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath, runny nose and skin reactions in allergy sufferers. The state of Brandenburg has now declared war on ambrosia.

After Berlin, farmers and private individuals of the pollen plant have now also declared war - the region in Lower Lusatia in particular has become a nuisance, says Regine Baeker, anti-ambrosia coordinator in the Potsdam Ministry of Consumer Protection. Ambrosia occurs in Brandenburg mainly in the Drebkau (Spree-Nei├če) regions and more recently in Cottbus and the Spreewald. The federal states of Berlin-Brandenburg are currently working on a map that shows where most of the ragweed plants are located. The Ministry of Consumer Protection has published an information sheet that contains all the important information on the dangers and the removal of ambrosia. The leaflet can be downloaded here.

The ragweed plants should be pulled out together with the roots before their flowering period, which begins at the end of July. Because a single ragweed plant is said to be able to secrete almost a billion allergy-causing pollen grains, and these can sometimes spread up to 100 kilometers from their place of origin via the wind. Global warming and human interference with natural vegetation are also to blame for the rapid spreading of the ragweed. (sb)

Read more about Ambrosia: Ambrosia is the world's strongest pollen allergen and causes severe health problems for allergy sufferers. Now is the time to fight the plants intensively in the gardens ...
Ambrosia: World's strongest pollen allergen
Ambrosia pollen warning
Warning: the ambrosia pollen is blooming

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