Criticism of headscarf ban in doctor's office

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Headscarf ban in doctor's office: Minister Hahn: Headscarf ban at the doctor "unfortunate".

(09/07/2010) As already reported, a family doctor established so-called rules of the game, in which he banned a headscarf in his practice. The headscarf ban at the family doctor is now causing further discussions. The Hessian Minister of Integration Jörg-Uwe Hahn judged the headscarf ban for patients recently imposed by a doctor from Wächtersbach to be "unfortunate" and the Islamic religious community believes that "the doctor violates human rights".

“The basic rule is that all patients are treated by a doctor regardless of the type of clothing or the number of children. In this respect, the behavior of the doctor from Wächtersbach was unhappy, ”Hahn emphasized to the news agency“ dpa ”and also described the doctor's decision as an“ overreaction ”. However, there is still a possibility of positive consequences if the doctor shows that he is ready to talk as announced and "open discussions between the doctor and all those involved take place". "Then the problems in practice could change for the future," said the Hessian Minister of Integration.

The measures initiated by the doctor at short notice, on the other hand, caused more than a lack of understanding among all political representatives and those affected. Placing a sign on the practice, which makes it clear that no Muslims who are wearing a headscarf and who also ban large families from the practice are treated, is clearly not the right way. Nor can it be that those seeking help must have a basic knowledge of the German language to be treated. The Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians and the State Medical Association also examine the procedure described. The doctor has meanwhile apologized for his advance and will answer questions at a press conference on Wednesday.

The criticism, especially from the direction of the foreigners' associations, does not stop, because "this is not a slip what this doctor did," Corrado Di Benedetto, chairman of the advisory board for foreigners told dpa. Di Benedetto further emphasized that he "never thought that a doctor in Germany could go this far." He asked the medical association to take action.

This criticism is supported by the Islamic Religious Community of Hesse, which accuses the doctor of sorting and marginalizing people. The leader of the religious community, Ramazan Kuruyüz, made it clear once again that nationality or the number of children should not play a role in the treatment of patients. "The doctor violates human rights and his oath. He just has to give everyone medical help, ”Ramazan Kuruyüz continued.

According to the doctor, it was not a question of headscarves or nationality, but in the course of years of problems with the treatment of Turkish, Muslim patients, he decided to put the sign with the restrictions in order to ensure a "smoother practice". (fp)

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