Diabetic foods have no advantages

Diabetic food before the end

Special diabetes foods have no benefits and can even be harmful to health.

(06.09.2010) Most diabetic foods do not offer any benefits and in some cases their consumption can even be detrimental to health. This is the current state of research and therefore the committee of the German Federal Council for Agricultural Policy and Consumer Protection will most likely decide today with the "Sixteenth Ordinance to amend the Diet Ordinance" to abolish diabetic food. The subsequent confirmation of the decision by the Federal Council is considered a formal matter.

So far, around half a billion sales with diabetics

So far, millions of people have been able to earn money with the diet foods that are specially offered for diabetics. For example, the managing director of the Federal Association of Food Manufacturers for Special Nutrition, Norbert Pahne, estimates sales of diabetic products for 2009 at 138 million euros, plus approximately 380 million euros in income from the sale of low-sugar drinks. "The business with the so-called diabetic food is extremely lucrative", as the President of the German Diabetes Society, Thomas Danne, emphasizes. The company had long called for the abolition of diabetic food, but could not prevail against the lobby of food manufacturers. Based on the expected political decisions, however, a turning point has now been reached at which companies have to change their strategy.

Transparency is the greatest help for diabetics

Instead of developing questionable recipes, it made much more sense to "clearly label the nutritional values ​​on a food", explained Thomas Danne, because many foods are still lacking exact information about the content of protein, sugar, fats, fiber and salts and the calorific value or the total amount of carbohydrates per 100 grams. However, diabetics are particularly reliant on such precise information, since it is only possible for them to "dose their insulin correctly and plan their diet reliably," said the President of the German Diabetes Society further.

Diabetic foods do not meet the nutritional recommendations.
Since numerous diabetic foods, such as If, for example, special biscuits or jams generally no longer comply with the Federal Government's dietary recommendations and often contain more fat and calories than normal products, politicians were forced to act at this point. The food manufacturers lose considerable income, but they have until 2012 to adjust their product range and can still sell residual items afterwards. The companies are then not only forced to adapt the information on the packaging, but also have to correct the recipes for certain products. So z. to hear from the industry giant "Schneekoppe" that after necessary adjustments to the product declaration and recipes, only up to 60 percent of their "prodieta" range can be continued.

Changeover for companies and diabetics

However, the managing director of the Federal Association of Food Manufacturers for a Special Nutrition, Norbert Pahne, emphasized that the biggest changeover will be made to patients "who have adjusted their insulin amounts to these products." According to the expert, companies will also feel the clear consequences of the changes. The reform promises more than six million people who suffer from diabetes in Germany, above all, more transparency and thus a better way to control their disease. In particular, the replacement of the requirements for dietetic foods for diabetics, such as: Fructose as a sugar substitute or diabetic bread with a calorific value of at most 840 kilojoules per 100 grams was very much welcomed by those affected. This is also a good opportunity for companies to adjust their product declaration in order to achieve more transparency in the interests of those affected, says Thomas Danne from the German Diabetes Society. (sb)

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