Rapid allergy test for food

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Allergy rapid test for food in planning

(05.09.2010) As part of a research project, the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) is working on the development of rapid tests for the detection of allergy-causing substances, so-called allergens, in food.

Traces of the allergens can be life-threatening, especially for peanut allergy sufferers and people who react to fish and shellfish. Therefore, even small amounts of peanuts, fish and shellfish in packaged food must be labeled if they are part of the recipe. This also applies to all other ingredients that can trigger allergies. However, if traces of the allergens accidentally get into a food, it has so far been left to the food industry to label their products accordingly for allergy sufferers. There is no legal regulation here. As a precaution, the food industry labels its products with information such as "May contain traces of peanuts" or "Fish is also processed in our company", although it is not certain whether the allergens are contained in the product. For allergy sufferers, this can mean a considerable restriction in the choice of products.

By 2012, the research project aims to find analytical methods for official food surveillance and the food industry that can be used to detect the slightest trace of allergens in food within minutes. The aim is to develop a method in which extracts of the food to be examined are applied to a test strip. Within ten minutes, it should show the result of whether there is an allergen and if so which one. A laboratory should not be necessary for the rapid test. (pm)

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