Check hearing organs in the event of language problems

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Check hearing organs in the event of language problems.

(05.09.2010) The German Professional Association of Otorhinolaryngologists (ENT) advises that infants with speech disorders should be checked for possible hearing damage. Because for the development of the language it is essential that the hearing also works. The brain needs acoustic stimuli for healthy speech development to work.

If there are any abnormalities in language development, parents should have their children examined for hearing damage by an ear, nose and throat specialist. If no abnormalities are found, the parents can consult a speech therapist who is taking speech therapy. This was pointed out by the Association of Otorhinolaryngologists (ENT).

But how can parents determine whether there is a language problem? Language is considered to be conspicuous if, for example, three-year-old children have only a very limited vocabulary, make repeated grammatical mistakes when speaking and / or do not understand the parents' speech in an unfamiliar environment. Hearing damage can either be congenital or caused by frequent otitis media. In addition to damage to the hearing organs, neurological or motor disorders can also be considered. (sb)

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