Recall: bacteria in adhesive cream

Recall extended: Procter and Gamble recall adhesive cream. Bacteria could trigger serious illnesses in immunocompromised patients.

(03.09.2010) The Hessian Ministry of Social Affairs is currently warning against the use of affected adhesive creams for dentures. Bacteria that are dangerous to health were also found in other batch numbers. If people suffer from a weakened immune system, the bacteria could trigger serious and dangerous diseases.

Already in the last week the product "Kukident Super-Adhesive Cream extra strong neutral" of batch 0203 was recalled by the group "Procter & Gamble" in Austria. The bacteria "Burkholderia cepacia" was found in the adhesive creams. Infection with "Burkholderia cepacia" can lead to a decrease in pulmonary function and even death in weakened patients. In addition, the bacteria are seen as triggers for chronic lung diseases.

Bacteria that can be dangerous for humans have now been found in other product series. These are the "blend-a-dent super adhesive extra strong" with batch numbers # 0155 and # 0208 and - as already stated on Friday - the "blend-a-dent super adhesive extra strong - fresh" with the Batch number # 0209. Consumers can check already purchased products for batch numbers by looking at the adhesive creme on the right side flap above the expiration date.

The company is currently recalling all affected adhesive products from the market. If a denture adhesive cream has already been purchased, the product can be disposed of in normal household waste. However, for the reasons mentioned, there is a strong warning against further use. So far it is not known whether people are already ill. However, healthy people are not particularly at risk. (Sb)

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