Multiple sclerosis flare-ups often in summer

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Multiple sclerosis flare-ups often in summer.

(08/31/2010) US doctors have found that the development of multiple sclerosis (MS) is very dependent on the season. The MS disease can be much worse in summer than in winter.

As part of a study, US doctors found that a deterioration in the health of MS patients is more common in summer than in winter. From this one can see that multiple sclerosis is influenced by the season. Between March and August, the course of the patient's disease worsens much more frequently than in the remaining months.

A total of 44 MS patients participated in one study. Scans of the subjects' brain areas were carried out during the course of the study. It was noticed that two to three times more areas in the brain are affected in the spring and summer than during the cooler autumn and winter months. According to the scientists, the increased sun exposure is responsible for the fact that the disease worsens. Precipitation and thunderstorms have no negative effects on the disease. Further studies are now to be carried out to determine whether other environmental influences also have an impact on multiple sclerosis.

It is still unclear what causes multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis, also known as "disseminate encephalomyelitis", is a chronic and inflammatory disorder of the central nervous system. Alongside epilepsy, MS is one of the most common neurological diseases in young adulthood. The disease as such is not curable. Different therapies can only reduce and slow down the progressing disease. It is estimated that around 2.5 million people worldwide are affected by MS. Around 130,000 people are currently affected in Germany. (sb)

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