Awakeners: Green tea has more caffeine than coffee

Awakeners: Green tea has more caffeine than coffee.

(30.08.2010) To wake up first a coffee. This is what the morning ritual looks like in numerous households in Germany. The coffee gets the circulation going and makes it easier to start the day. Hardly any coffee drinker is ready to give up their morning dose of caffeine - but they could switch to tea. Because "Green tea can definitely exceed the effects of coffee, since the effects of caffeine are particularly good," says nutritionist Michael Ristow from Friedrich Schiller University Jena

The specialist from the Chair of Human Nutrition also cleared up some other prejudices regarding the caffeine content of coffee. B. "the classic filter coffee, (...) a higher amount of caffeine than drinks based on espresso," explained Ristow. The concentration in the approx. 25 ml standard espresso cups is higher, but the total amount of caffeine is higher with a cup of filter coffee. The caffeine content is essentially determined by the type and duration of brewing the coffee.

The situation is similar with tea, according to the expert. Ristow particularly recommends green tea as a substitute for coffee. This often has a similar caffeine content and also contains catechins, so-called polyphenols plant metabolites, which are said to have anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory effects. And which "also have a positive effect on the functioning of the brain and in diabetes (...)", Ristow further emphasized. "Health-conscious people drink (...) tea" in order not to have to do without the morning stimulant even without coffee, according to the expert. (fp)

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