Bacteria found in adhesive cream

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Bacteria found in the adhesive cream from blend-a-dent. Procter & Gamble recalls products.

(28.08.2010) Bacteria were found in the adhesive cream from blend-a-dent. For this reason, the affected products are called back by the manufacturer. The bacteria "Bacterium B. cepacia" was found in some denture adhesive creams. The bacteria can cause serious illnesses.

Infection with "Burkholderia cepacia" can lead to a decrease in pulmonary function and even death in weakened patients. The bacteria are also considered to trigger chronic lung diseases. "Burkholderia cepacia" is naturally resistant to many normal antibiotics, which is why patients who have been infected in hospitals are also isolated. There is no particularly great risk of illness for healthy people. However, for consumers who have a weakened immune system, an infection can have serious health consequences.

According to the Hessian Ministry of Health, the "blend-a-dent super adhesive cream extra strong - variant fresh" with batch number 0209 is contaminated. If affected adhesive creams have already been purchased, they should be disposed of. Affected adhesive creams are currently being withdrawn from the market. It is not yet known whether people have already contracted it.

As the company Procter & Gamble announced, the bacteria were found in the course of a regular quality control in the factory. As the entrepreneur further announced, all important steps were then taken. Current studies show that only one production process is affected. There is no risk of infection from other batch numbers.

But how can you determine whether you have bought an adhesive cream that may be contaminated. The batch number of the product is on the right side of the outer carton and on the fold at the end of the tube. The adhesive cream should no longer be used and should be disposed of in the trash. A replacement can be requested free of charge from the manufacturer at service numbers 0800-070-014 or 01-58857-257. (sb)

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