Michaela Beutner Naturopathic Practice

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Mettmann: Michaela Beutner naturopathic practice

My approach to the therapy of my patients is that I always go with them to the psychological cause of their illness / symptoms in order to resolve them sustainably and to start the self-healing process. I have training in various holistic treatment techniques (Reiki, ear acupuncture, homeopathy, foot reflexology therapy, singing bowls, phytotherapy, Bach flowers, gemstone medicine etc.), which I like to use to support possible symptoms such as Relieve pain, hormonal disharmonies, tension, sleep disorders etc.

I take time for everyone who comes to me and we then work together on a permanent recovery. I work a lot with Reiki and to solve the psychological causes with meditation techniques that heal the inner child. Every person who comes to me gets holistic techniques from my hand that enable him to treat himself immediately. In any case, I would like to lead the people who come to me to self-healing and above all independence, because this is the only way to achieve permanent healing.

Naturopath Michaela Beutner
Bismarckstrasse 15
40822 Mettmann
Tel: 02104200743
Mail: [email protected]

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