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DZVhÄ: Neues Homeopathie.Blog invites discussion and information

Berlin. The German Central Association of Homeopathic Doctors (DZVhÄ) is expanding its media offering with the DZVhÄ Homeopathy.Blog. “The aim of this blog is,” says Cornelia Bajic, 1st chairwoman of the DZVhÄ, “to make scientific research into homeopathy more transparent to the public, to objectify the controversial discussions and to question exactly what we know or perhaps about the state of research in homeopathy even guess. "

This blog is an important component in the communication of the DZVhÄ, with which the position of the medical association on scientific questions is made clear. The blog medium offers the opportunity to provide information quickly and up-to-date and, above all, to enter into direct dialogue with readers. "Above all, we want to advance the scientific discussion," explains Baic, "for us that means that we present research results and study designs, talk to experts and ask why identical data are interpreted differently."

The first blog post is precisely about the different points of view and studies are the topic to stimulate a controversial discussion: PRO: "The effectiveness of homeopathy can ... be considered as proven". Undecided: "The previous systematic reviews ... do not show a uniform result". CONTRA: "You don't have to research any further, the matter is done."

In addition to the articles, the DZVhÄ Homeopathy.Blog also offers an extensive list of links to scientific institutions and the section Worth reading, listening to and seeing with links to interesting articles about homeopathy. (pm)

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