Lower additional contribution at BKK Novitas

Less additional contribution at BKK Novitas than planned.

(25.08.2010) The health insurance company "BKK Novitas" has been demanding an additional contribution from its members retrospectively since July 1st. Originally the health insurance company wanted to introduce the additional contribution of eight euros per month by April 1st, 2010. But the fund still had to wait for approval from the Federal Insurance Office. The green light has now been given there.

The approximately 340,000 people insured at BKK Novitas have to be prepared for additional contributions. As of July 1, 2010, the health insurance will introduce an additional contribution. Since the date is in the past, the members have to pay the additional fee retrospectively. The health insurance company had announced for months that it would collect the additional flat-rate contribution from its members. The annual sum is 48 euros per insured person, the monthly contribution is eight euros. From next year, if the health insurance company continues to charge additional contributions, statutory health insurance patients must be prepared for an additional annual contribution of 96 euros. The fund has now started to inform the members.

If a health insurance company charges an additional contribution, those affected have the option to change health insurance companies. However, the change must take place within a prescribed period. If a statutory health insurance patient is informed about the introduction of the additional premium, the health insurance company can be terminated at the point in time at which the premium increase or reimbursement reduction takes effect. The change to the new health insurance company must, however, happen seamlessly, as health insurance is compulsory in Germany. This means that if you cancel, the new health insurance must already be determined.

When switching, it should also be noted that other health insurances may also charge an additional contribution in the future. Therefore it is important to compare carefully and to observe the announcements of the cash registers. Some statutory health insurances have already announced that they will not charge any additional contributions in 2011 either. However, in the course of the health reform, it is planned to give the health insurers a free hand in structuring the additional contributions. This means that the additional contributions will in future be determined by the insurers themselves and are no longer restricted by law. (sb)

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