Breast augmentation: patients often poorly advised

Breast augmentation: patients often poorly advised.

(26.08.2010) A study by Stiftung Warentest published in the magazine “test” shows that many patients receive insufficient advice before breast augmentation. In particular, providing information about possible complications and risks of the operation is often insufficient.

When examining four breast centers in public hospitals and three private clinic associations, Stiftung Warentest found that these patients were aware of possible direct consequences of the operation, such as B. Pain and swelling, well informed, but far too little is given to problems such as implants slipping or tissue hardening.

Of the facilities tested, only the Interdisciplinary Breast Center of the Berlin Charité offered "comprehensive" medical advice, which some patients even advised against the operation or recommended that they reconsider it. At the other institutions, the advice was consistently "incomplete", at the Luisenkrankenhaus Düsseldorf it was even "very incomplete", according to the results of the study. Although, in the opinion of the experts, detailed advice is particularly necessary for aesthetic operations such as breast augmentation. .

The private clinics were able to collect positive points compared to the public ones in terms of advance information and service. However, the result was often unsatisfactory. For example, implants that were too large were recommended to at least one patient in the private facilities tested. Also with regard to the information about the doctor's qualifications, the expected costs and the procedure of the operation, no provider did particularly well in the investigation. (fp)

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