Stress: Every third person forgets to drink

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Every third person forgets to drink when they are stressed.

(23.08.2010) Every third person forgets to drink due to stress. But this can be harmful to health and contribute to dehydration of the body.

According to a survey by the opinion and research institute Forsa on behalf of Techniker Krankenkasse, one in three people forgets to drink when they are stressed. The problem is even more widespread among white-collar workers, with four out of ten working people forgetting to drink regularly. But especially with mental and physical exertion, the body needs a lot of fluids in order to remain productive. To prevent dehydration of the body, adults should drink at least 1.5 liters per day. If the weather is warm in summer, people should even drink a lot more, as a lot of fluid is excreted through sweating. Therefore you should drink at least 2 to 3 liters in summer. The liquid (preferably water) should not be drunk all at once, but rather spread over the whole day. As a rule of thumb, at least one glass of water or fruit juice spritzer per hour.

But under stress, many people forget to drink. They only focus on their task. The result: the brain lacks important minerals such as magnesium and phosphate. The productivity decreases, the concentration drops significantly. Many then feel dizzy, headache and tired. If the lack of fluids continues, new stress arises for the body.

But what to do when the stress of everyday working life takes over? But the solution is very simple, as the Techniker Krankenkasse reports. Before starting work, you should put a bottle of water and a glass on your desk. So you can't forget to drink even during stressful situations. Water, juice spritzers and herbal tea are suitable drinks. People should avoid alcohol and coffee as much as possible during work. This is because these drinks tend to dehydrate the body and put even more stress on the human organism. (sb)

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