Have undescended testicles treated in time

Parents should have their newborn boy testicular high-rise treated in good time.

(08/24/2010) Infants with undescended testicles should be treated before their first birthday. This is currently pointed out by the German Society for Urology. Treatment should therefore not be delayed, since there is otherwise an increased risk of secondary illnesses.

In male infants, the testicle may not migrate from the abdomen into the scrotum as it grows. Doctors call this deformity undescended testicles (technical term: "Maldescensus testi"). The reason for this is that the testicle, triggered by the effects of cold, does not migrate into the scrotum, but ends up in the inguinal canal at times. This phenomenon is not uncommon, this malformation occurs in around 4 percent of newborn males. However, in most cases within the first year before the first birthday, the testicle pulls itself into the correct position. As the doctors of the German Society for Urology point out, self-regulation can only be expected up to the third, at most up to the sixth, month of life. "If this is not the case, we are talking about undescended testicles or testicular defects, which can occur on one or both sides. A distinction is made between a pendulum and sliding testicle as well as a testicle and abdominal testicle," says Professor Raimund Stein, chair of the DGU working group on pediatric urology.

Treatment should then be given at the latest. The testicle remains in the wrong position in around one percent of all newborn children. If an undescended testicle is not treated in time, damage to the germ cells can occur as early as the child's second year. This could result in infertility and an increased risk of testicular cancer.

But how can parents recognize an undescended testicle?
Parents can examine the child's testicular position while bathing or changing in a warm environment. It is important that a pleasant environment has been created so that the testicle does not withdraw due to cold or fear. If in doubt, a urologist should be consulted. A groin testicle can usually be felt. An abdominal testicle cannot be felt from the outside.

How is undescended testicle treated?

A urologist specializing in pediatric urology uses various procedures to examine the position of the testicles. Treatment depends on the type of undescended testicle. In most cases, hormone therapy is used first. With 20 percent, hormone therapy is only moderately successful and there is a relapse of the testicle in a quarter of the cases, but it can possibly have a positive influence on the development of germ cells, according to the Urology Society. If the therapy is unsuccessful, surgery on the child is also considered. In most cases, the removal of the undescended testicles is achieved by the operation. The cause of undescended testes is probably a disturbance in the sex hormone balance. For this reason, hormone treatment is initially used in most cases.

Current medical findings on the testicular deficiency situation will also be presented at the 62nd Annual Meeting of Urologists in Düsseldorf under the direction of DGU President Professor Dr. Wolfgang Weidner in Düsseldorf. The forum “Testicular Highness” on September 23, 2010 examines the aspects of “fertility” and “oncology” and deals with modern surgical techniques from the area of ​​keyhole surgery from a pediatric urological point of view. (sb)

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